About Us

     Ohana was born while living on the Big Island of Hawaii. The founders, Susan and Mark McKenna, have a combined 50 years in the food industry. Creativity has always been one Susan's strongest attributes. New to Hawaii, Susan discovered various Hawaiian ingredients that were previously unknown to her. She started baking different desserts using Hawaiian sugar cane Vanillas and unique Hawaiian fruits. Her three children going to school at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy loved coming home to a spread of new experimental treats. As the desserts were perfected, the island favorite became the cupcakes. Susan and Mark wanted to share the aloha with the rest of the world. So they decided to put these cupcakes in jars, so they could stay fresh for long periods of time, and ship them worldwide. We fell in love with the aloha spirit. So we decided to share that with you

Mahalo for supporting Ohana Cupcakes